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Hampshire Fare is lucky to have an array of members who provide bespoke services to the food and drink industry.

These members range from printers to trainers, designers to solicitors, accountacts to insurers. They are all there to support your business and help you succeed.

If you need any advice on what member could help you with your query please contact Hampshire Fare and we will be able to link you up.

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The legal stuff

Terms & Conditions

A robust set of terms and conditions are imperative to minimising business risk and liability.

Paris Smith would like to offer all Hampshire Fare members a fixed charge for drafting their terms and conditions of sale.

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General Data Protection Regaulation

With May 2018 and the GDPR law changes fast approaching, take a look at the slides from the last Paris Smith seminar.

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Trade Marks

Your trade mark is a valuable business asset, it is the 'badge' on which your reputation is pinned.

Hampshire Fare members are offered a fixed professional charge by Paris Smith to file your trade mark application.

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The financials

How will F&B be affected by the tax changes announced?

One way or another businesses in the Hospitality and Leisure sector will certainly be affected by the tax changes announced in Budget 2017.

Some of the key measures focussed on extra money to alleviate the impact of business rates, R&D tax credits, self-employment and sugary drinks. How till it affect you?

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Doubling up at Christmas

It goes without saying that Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and many businesses are reflecting on how Christmas performed.

However, with seasonal scaling up bringing unique challenges, do you make plans to minimise your risks? Make 2018 your best Christmas yet.

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Menzies' SME benchmarking report 2017/18 - rewriting the rules.

Research by Menzies reveals that 73% of hospitality and leisure business owners say the rules of business have changed significantly in the past year.

Find out about the top three rule changes that have come about and what drove them along with what the top risk factors are. 

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Staff Entertaining

Do you hold events for your staff? Did you know some is taxable and some not? Take a look at how to get the best return.

Menzies have pulled together this guide on how to understand what is taxable for both staff entertaining and staff gifts. 

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