We're here to help

We are passionate about helping members to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to embrace the benefits of social media and marketing. Many members are so busy producing and selling that it can be overwhelming to think of having to regularly market your business online. But this free tool can really help raise awareness of your business.


Food for thought

Who do you want to engage with via social media? New customers, members of the public, existing clients, media, Hampshire residents.....
What are your aims? To communicate product news and information, to reinforce your brand, direct traffic to your website, share behind the scenes of your business.....
Tone - establishing a style for your social media posts is key for continuity and to support your brand.
Frequency - how often would you like to post? Bear in mind what is realistic.
Timing - planning when to post your message is key and links closely to who you are targeting.


Due to popular demand we plan to hold more social media training sessions for members so watch this space for more information.

In the meantime, please contact Kate or Nancy for any advice or support with setting up or developing your approach to social media.



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